Wanna see something funny?


Check out this site.

Whenever I feel like my life is getting a little crazy, or that I’m the insane one and everyone else is normal, I go read this site, and it puts everything back into perspective for me.

I’m amazed that this girl even has the energy to get out of bed most days, let alone go to grad school, take care of a dog, whine about all the relationships she screws up, and dabble in her ridiculous new age mysticism crap.

I guess what’s most amazing to me about it is that you can raise a child who appears to be completely dysfunctional by almost every measure of sane society, and she can still go on to be a semi-productive member of the community.

I’m presently in suspense over how long it’s going to be before her new dog comes down with a fatal illness and dies in its sleep next to her on the bed.  Join me, won’t you? 


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