I’ve always enjoyed reading Bob Cringely’s thoughts and prognostications on tech.  I didn’t check his column daily, but I’d stumble across it again when a piece would get linked at /. or some other site I do read daily.

His latest project, NerdTV,  is a great interview show with the original movers and shakers of the Internet.  The show’s available in a number of formats, and I’ve been keeping up with it by downloading episodes to my iPod and listening to them at work.

The shows are a lot of fun, and it’s fascinating to hear these guys (all guys, no women…surprised?) talk about how they got into computers.  It’s clear from listening to even the first few shows that had computers never been invented, these men would’ve been involved in whatever transformative technology had come along.  To a person they’re quirky and animated and obviously really, really bright.  Most of them are also very aware of their brilliance, but rarely in an off-putting way.

Aside from its obvious entertainment value, the show is a great historical resource.   And there are some eps coming up that I’m really looking forward to, including Woz, Linus Torvalds, and former Apple tech guru Larry Tesler.  I hear that Bob is now scouting for sponsors for the show, which I hope doesn’t mean that this is going to be NerdTV’s first and last season.


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