Speaking of Kool Aid


I have a friend who has a car with a DVD player in it. When his family goes on trips, their son sits in the back seat (often mom does, too) and watches videos. Fine and good. Seems to keep the kid happy and quiet, which any parent knows is a big fat ol’ blessing straight from the hands of big-G God. Usually he watches cartoons. A Bug’s Life, I think, is one he likes. And there’s some animated feature that has Will Smith voicing a fish that he really likes as well. Can’t recall the name.

The point is that kids — almost all kids — dig animated features. Hell, *I* dig animated features, particularly anything with Pixar’s mark on it. And I like DVD video. And I like quiet, happy babies. So I’m thinking Steve Jobs is going to end up looking like a genius, again.

I’m trying to think if there’s any better way to hasten the arrival of VOD than for a company like Pixar to make its full-length features available for download via the iTMS. Jobs, who sits at the head of Pixar but lets the artists have free reign over every creative decision at the company, is just the man to make this plan work.

Consider: DVD sales of Pixar’s titles are a HUGE portion of the profit for those films. Let’s cut out distribution companies like Disney (the middle man) and make these titles available for download for…say…$10 a pop. Without Disney in there, you’re still making your money back on downloads. Apple already has the digital distribution infrastructure in place, so that isn’t going to cost you.

Yeah, a DVD-quality version of Finding Nemo would be a HUGE file, and I don’t know if even Apple’s servers would be able to handle the frenzy of, say, the Cars release were everyone to hit Apple’s network the minute the film was released. And then you have the problem of displaying the movies on your fancy flat screen set at home. But you can load it up to your iPod and take it wherever you want. And if anyone can come up with an elegant way to bridge the gap between your computer and your TV, it’s Apple (*cough* FrontRow *cough*). Say what you will about Steve, but betting against the guy is just not a great idea.


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