I hate hospitals


I know there’s a hell of a lot of good work that goes on in hospitals, and I really admire doctors and hospitals when I’m not in one.

But damn, being *IN* a hospital really sucks.  A lot.  And it’s not so much because you’re there, but because you’re around people who are really, really sick.  Or dying.  Oh who are dreading dying.  Or whose wives are having a brain tumor removed for the second time in a nine-hour surgery.

You realize pretty quickly that your life could be A LOT worse than it is.  And maybe it will be at some point.  Maybe it’s that you feel like you’re being forced to empathize with people whose stories you don’t know at all.  I’m not sure.

I just know that I want to stay out of the hospital at all costs.  Like I have any say in the matter. 


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