Just had the FD at the house. The carbon monoxide detector went off in our daughter’s room, and while we probably would’ve let ‘er howl were we two swingin’ singles, having a kid does strange things to your resolve.

So they came and found 27 ppm right inside the front door, where usually they find 0. Turns out I’d been running too many burners on the stove for too long, and the co2 just built up enough that it tripped the alarm.

The windows are open now, and the FD (and the guy from the gas & electric utility) seem to think that’ll be enough to solve the problem. They left us with a fancy indicator that’ll tell us if levels get high again, but it sounds like everything’ll be fine as long as I don’t get too crazy at the stove.

I’m not sure whether I should feel proud or embarrassed?


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