M. Night Shyamalamadingdong


From this story:

“Speaking from his Philadelphia-area office shortly before leaving for Orlando, the director said: “I’m going to stop making movies if they end the cinema experience. If there’s a last film that’s released only theatrically, it’ll have my name on it. This is life or death to me.

“If you tell audiences there’s no difference between a theatrical experience and a DVD, then that’s it, game’s over, and that whole art form is going to go away slowly,” Shyamalan added.”

I’m tremendously excited at the prospect of Mr. Shyamalan not making movies anymore. Yeah, “The Sixth Sense” was OK (Bruce Willis is dead — HA HA HA), but please, M. Night is no M. Scorcese.

The point that Shyamalan seems to be missing, amazingly, is that people like me are very well aware of the differences between a theatrical release of a film and a DVD. For $15 I can go sit with a bunch of people I wouldn’t otherwise voluntarily share a subway seat with and be exposed to their bad behavior for two hours. Or, I could spend $15 and have Amazon deliver the movie to my house, where I can sit in my skivvies and let the sweet, sweet caress of my Paradigm 5.1 surround sound system wash over me while I soil my fingers with handfuls of Cheetos.

I’m not sure I get why M. Night is so worried. Is it that he won’t have the money to make films any longer if movies go straight to DVD? Is he really that concerned that we’re losing the group theatrical experience?

I’ll tell you something. I can remember one time that watching a movie in the theater was better than watching it in the privacy of my home (and at the time, I didn’t have the option of watching it in my home). It was Clash of the Titans. There’s a scene in which Harry Hamlin (as Perseus) kills Medusa. After doing her in, there’s a prominent shot of his sword, which displays nary a trace of blood. From somewhere near the back row, a single voice rang out: “No blood?! What a myron!”


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