“I am a fashion god”


So I’m reading the CNN story today on the flippant e-mails Michael Brown was sending to his staff while elderly New Orleans residents were drowning in their attics during hurricane Katrina.

From reading these messages, you get the impression that “Brownie” thought he was on a school field trip while he was overseeing FEMA’s response to Katrina. It’s disturbing. It seems he was more concerned about what color shirt he’d wear for the TV cameras than where and how the thousands of displaced NOLA residents would be relocated.

I guess you could blame Bush for letting Brown come into this position in the first place, but that blame may be misplaced. I know the buck stops with Bush is situations like these, but could anyone have really guessed that Brown would fuck things up that badly? It’s one thing, it seems, to find yourself overwhelmed by a new position and to bow out honorably after giving the job your best shot, but to wantonly fiddle while New Orleans burns reveals a deeply infected character.

He’s gone now, of course, but you have to wonder at the suitability of the other administrators under Bush’s employ after witnessing a debacle like this. Let’s hope the next screwup doesn’t result in as many deaths.


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