8MP phonecam? Who needs this?


I can get high-quality 5×7 prints out of a 2MP digicam. Is there really a point to putting an 8MP CCD in a cell phone?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad to see an increase in the quality of images from phonecams. But as an educated consumer, this cameraphone business is starting to smell like the “megahertz myth” silliness in the PC world.

No one with an interest in photography and an ounce of sense in their head is going to be swayed by an 8MP sensor in a phonecam. For one, that person will already have a dedicated digicam. Secondly, that person will understand that an 8MP sensor behind a crappy little pinhole lens makes as much sense as a hemi in a family sedan (did I say that out loud?).

Give me a phone by MOT with glass and 3.2MP CCD by Canon and design by Jon Ive, and you’ll have my perfect celly. You think an iPod sells fast? Sheee-at….


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