Surely there’s a better way


I mean, if you really must disperse an unruly crowd, you’d think there’d be a way to proceed that wouldn’t result in bloodshed, hearing loss, sudden incontinence, or panic attacks.

I can’t decide where a sonic boom falls on the atrocity scale of crowd management.  It’s probably better than the Kent St. method, unless you have a heart condition.  It seems rather worse than a fire hose, but then a fire hose is a bit more personal now, isn’t it?  I suppose it’s about at the rubber bullet level.  Hurts like hell for a bit and may even do some permanent damage if it gets you just right, but long term you’ll likely as not be left with little more than bad memories of the event.

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4 Responses to “Surely there’s a better way”

  1. Beny Shlevich Says:

    It is unfortunate we have to disperse crowds this way. However, you should see pictures of these “unruly” crowds – hunderds, sometimes thousands of armed terrorists, with RPGs in their hands. The same men later bomb our cities and villages with artillery (Netiv HaAsara, Shderot, etc.). What would *any* other country do when exposed to artillery bombing on their (civilian) cities? Well, of course, it would apply its own artillery and smash the enemy state (Gaza, in this case) to pieces. Instead, we fire a shell or two into open territory. And when we finally find a more peaceful way to fight those maniacs who are trying to slaughter our children, we get showers of criticism. Of course.

  2. Oren Hadas Says:

    having served in the IDF for 3 years, let me tell you that a so called “rubber bullet”, is NOT something you’ll want to get hit by. it is actually a potentially lethal armament. to make it less deadly it is fired as a cluster of 3 pallets, so the energy is dispersed between them (but also making it impossible to actually aim them). a head injury by one of these can very much kill you.
    that’s why they are only used as a last resort, when the soldiers are in a life threatening situation. (and if you’ve ever seen one of those crowds up close – thousands of people hurling rocks at you, having to cower behind the armred Hummer doors, knowing that you are the last line between that angry mob and a peaceful bordering israeli town – well… it sucks.)

    the whole point of getting all the people out of the Gaza strip was to stop them killing our civilians and troops.
    the problem is that this made the impression that the terrorist groups (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, etc) have wond and drove us out of there, thereby empowering them and giving them a strong sense of security.

    and about those sonic booms?
    i don’t see any news about the israeli towns being constantly bombarded by rockets and mortar shells almost every day.
    i would imagine them having slightly worse problems than scared children.

  3. nicheplayer Says:

    If there were a simple, painless way out of this situation, it would’ve been tried a long time ago.

  4. appajodia Says:

    I’m frequently searching for brandnew blogposts in the world wide web about this issue. Thanx!

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