Escaped killer captured — drunk


HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) — A Texas death-row inmate who escaped from a Houston jail last week was arrested Sunday night outside a liquor store in Shreveport, Louisiana, police and U.S. marshals said.”

You know, life’s just a little bit more exciting knowing there’s an escaped death row inmate on the loose.  The sun shines a little brighter.  The stars twinkle a bit quicker.  The air seems a tad sweeter.

When this story first broke I entertained thoughts of this guy stealing a car and making his way north on the interstate, driving from town to town and robbing convenience stores along the way with a gun he’d ripped off from a sporting goods store in Oklahoma.  He’d finally make his way to my town and hole up in an elementary school classroom with 25 kids and a terrified teacher while the local authorities tried to talk him down.  Everyone in the city would stay home from work and watch the live coverage on T.V.  Pretty much everyone would know someone who had a kid in the classroom.  The husband or wife of the captive teacher would go on the air and plead with the gunman for the safe return of his/her spouse.

And at last, the school custodian would end the standoff by storming the classroom and impaling the fugitive on the end of a sharpened mop handle.

No such luck.  This badass — who was in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend and her lover —  gets tackled off his Huffy while he’s drunk dialing some prostitute.  *sigh*  Where have all the bad men gone?


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