Why does anyone care about Ann Coulter?


I saw her being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly while I was changing channels the other day. And now she’s been yelled off stage at UConn.

But I’m at a loss to understand why anyone should pay any attention to her at all. Anything she has to say I can hear from my dad, frankly, though he’s not as nice to look at. And that’s more a commentary on my father’s profound ugliness than Ann’s attractiveness.

On O’Reilly she just sat there and went on about how incompetent and stupid liberals are. Which is fine. Some of them are. As are some conservatives. But we all knew that already.

Ann brings nothing to the debate (any debate) other than the spectacle of a tall, lanky blonde in a business suit. Great. I’m unimpressed.


2 Responses to “Why does anyone care about Ann Coulter?”

  1. Sean Says:

    Have you read any of her books? What about her columns? I doubt you have because she makes many very good arguments.

    But the main reason people care so much about Coulter is because they are afraid she might change some minds. God forbid that a conservative speaks her mind on a college campus.

  2. nicheplayer Says:

    You mean books like, “How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter?”

    I haven’t read any of her books. But then I’m not big on partisanship. All Ann seems interested in is divisiveness, ridicule, and aggression. I really can’t imagine she has anything to say that I don’t already know. If I counted myself as a conservative, I can’t imagine I wouldn’t be a bit embarrassed at having her in my camp.

    There are plenty of other places to learn about what Ann has to say without exposing yourself to Ann’s petty behavior.

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