Jobs to gut cult of Mac?


David Bailey, a research analyst with Goldman Sachs, maintained an “in-line” rating for Apple and raised its earnings estimates to 53 cents from 49 cents, reports Forbes. “2006 will undoubtedly mark another major year in Apple’s transformation, but its new markets bring together tougher competition,” wrote the analyst in a recent research note. “If early indications from suppliers prove correct, Apple is likely to move further from its Mac core in 2006, leveraging its brand and building on the consumer success of iPod.”

I hope this doesn’t come to fruition. I mean, I don’t fault Apple for putting lots of effort and resources into the iPod, but “Mac” means something.

“But a computer is just a tool to get a job done,” you say. No. Wrong. It’s not “just” a tool. Not anymore. This may have been the case back when a computer was only a big (huge) box sitting in a basement at some university somewhere. No longer. And the reason that isn’t true anymore is the iMac, in particular, and more generally the Macintosh line and Apple Computer.

It’s OK to admit that your PC is an extension of your personality, just as your car or your home or clothes are. Sure, a car is just a tool to get you from point A to point B, and a house is just a tool to keep your head dry, and your pants are just a tool to hide your naughty bits. But we know those things are much more than tools.

Apple was the first company to tell you it was OK to love your PC. That’s what the Mac has come to mean. And this milieu gave birth to the iPod, a portable music player that was more than just a tool to let you listen to MP3s. Without the Mac, without the concept or the feeling of the Mac, well, the world loses something. Call it verve. Essence. Whatever. Don’t do it, Steve. Think Different.


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