Jobs loves stuff like this


I could see Apple introducing this technology on its high-end displays in the next couple years. I’d imagine a dual processor, dual core Power Mac should be able to run these kinds of apps.

Engadget or/and boingboing had an article about how Apple patient a touch screen, i think this is what they we’re talking about. There’s a REALLY COOL VIDEO! along with it (

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4 Responses to “Jobs loves stuff like this”

  1. Danny Says:

    Don’t forget the recent Apple patent for the lcd screen where each pixel is paired up with a tiny camera, making a two way screen of sorts.

    Mundane use: finally our iChat sessions will be eye-to-eye.

    Sci-fi use: invisibility!

  2. nicheplayer Says:

    I’m picturing the Mac faithful wiggling in their seats with excitement as Steve demos this at some MW gathering.

    It’s one thing to have a super cool technology, but then to have the brains at Apple take it over and extend it is truly exciting. What about an iPod with no clickwheel? All the nav is done on the screen. So many cool applications.

  3. Danny Says:

    I’m also looking forward to the Apple finger cleaning device to prevent screen smudging. Maybe it’ll be a glove? White with sequins (except on the finger tips, naturally).

    But seriously, I was thinking that the lcd/camera tech could be used to create a “touchless screen” where you wave your hands over the screen, without actually touching it. Now that would be interesting.

  4. nicheplayer Says:

    I hear that. I can’t even stand the tiniest smudge on my iBook screen…I don’t know what I’d do about greasy fingerprints all over.

    I love the idea about the touchless screen. Your thought reminds me of this time I was watching the Dr. Max and Mombo show when I was a kid. One day, Mombo looked straight into the camera and said something like, “hey you, put that sandwich down and get up off the couch!” I happened to be eating a sandwich on the couch at the time, so I was more than a little freaked out. My dad assured me that Mombo couldn’t see me like I could see him.

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