iSkin = GREAT customer service


I love good customer service.  LOVE it.  It seems it’s harder than ever to find some in the Internet Age, when you’re rarely face to face with your proprietor.

I ordered an iSkin earlier this week from the company’s Web site.  At that time, I was informed that the model I wanted was in stock.  The next day, I checked my order to find that it was, in fact, out of stock, with no indication when it would be available.  This was a gift, so I couldn’t afford to wait (I might’ve otherwise).  I e-mailed customer service and got a nice note back from Satvir, who explained that the new batch would be in on the 17th and would ship out immediately.

I wrote back and explained my predicament with the gift and asked that he comp me upgraded shipping on my order when it came in.  Satvir replied again and said he’d found one of the models I wanted in their office, and that he’d send it out to me today.  Pretty cool.  As I explained to Satvir, this is my third iSkin, and I’ve recommended them to all my iPodded friends.

As I’m finishing up this post, an e-mail shipment notification from iSkin hit my Gmail inbox.  Wow.  Maybe they were BSing me all along and really had some left in stock.  Either way, I’m happy that mine is on its way.  And I’m even happier to confirm that iSkin is a great company to do business with.  They almost make me want to buy another iPod just to order another new iSkin.


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