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Where’s the love?

March 27, 2006

I was looking around for information on iPod programming today and came across this page.  After reading the author's intro there, it struck me that perhaps the greatest thing about the iPod is that it has bridged the often contentious computer gap between Mac and PC users.  Whatever we may say about the shortcomings of our respectives OSes, at the end of the day we're all just music lovers, anyway.

Leave it to an old Hippie like Steve…. 


“Tell my family…I will see them in heaven.”

March 23, 2006

So, if you believe in Heaven, it figures that you must also believe in Hell, no?  I have a hard time figuring out how this guy thinks he’s ever going to get anywhere near Heaven.

A620 downside

March 23, 2006

It eats batteries.  EATS them!  I’ve got four new 2300 mAh AAs powering this thing, and I swear I’ve had to recharge them twice now and haven’t even taken 200 pictures!  That can’t be right.  I just ordered some fancy 2700 mAh bad boys from Thomas Distributing today.  We’ll see how those do.

At least the A620 takes some really nice pictures.

Remote Desktop to wireless notebook

March 23, 2006

With Greg’s help, I got it figured out.

The trick was to set the wireless router so it doesn’t give out any IP addresses inside the network, in effect becoming just another node on the network.  I gave the Netgear and the iBook static IP addresses, and now everything works great.  I forwarded the necessary ports on the Actiontec DSL modem, and now when I hit the right IP address, I’ve got the remote screen sitting there right in front of me.

Aw, crap.

March 10, 2006

Usenet has become the newest battleground between the entertainment industry and digital music and movie pirates.

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Remote control a wireless laptop that’s behind a router

March 2, 2006

Anyone ever done this before?  I have remote desktop set up and running from my iBook to my wired server, but I now need to remotely control a wireless laptop that’s off on the Internet.  I assume this involves grabbing the external IP of the modem/router on the remote end and opening at least port 5900 through to the laptop.  Anything else I should be thinking about?  Anyone…?

Apple thinks big(ger): video iPod to pack 4-inch display!

March 2, 2006

That Disney/Pixar deal is going to be huge, huge, huge. Gimme a thin hard plastic case for one of these things, and it’d be the perfect thing to occupy my kind on long car trips (no, I don’t have a DVD player in my car, THANK YOU).

Apple’s forthcoming “true” video iPod will feature a 4-inch display with a quarter-inch border, allowing the device to maintain dimensions typical of previous iPods, further sources have confirmed.

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Pry apart buttocks; remove head

March 2, 2006

Mother swells with pride for Oscar-nominated child

GMail stops displaying mailbox size?

March 1, 2006

I wonder what this means.  I’d gotten used to seeing how much I was using of my mailbox, but that feedback appears to be missing from my display now.