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You ain’t got no alibi….

May 25, 2006



I don’t smoke pot…

May 9, 2006

…but daaaaaaayum!


May 5, 2006

Tomorrow I'm making a six-hour round-trip drive to look at a 2006 Subaru Outback Limited wagon in Elmhurst, IL.  It's a bit smaller than the Volvo, which is good, and it has a warranty, which is really good.

Technically, we're just looking at the car.  We've put up $1K in earnest money just to keep it on the lot until tomorrow.  The first and only owner had the car for a month (they bought it this past March) before the wife got pregnant with a third child, making the Outback look a bit small.  The MSRP for this car is $27,595, so $21,500 seems like an OK deal, even with 1,700 miles on it.  We'll see how it goes.

Son of a…

May 2, 2006

So I see my Volvo mechanic driving down the street here in town the other day behind the wheel of a nice new Toyota T1000.  What the hell kind of message is that?  That makes me even more pissed off about taking the V70 into the shop.