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I figured out Kevin Smith

October 2, 2006

I watched “Clerks” and was totally and completely underwhelmed.  I understand that Kevin Smith has a fairly rabid following (as rabid as his followers can be).  I do understand.

But I’ve never figured out just what it is about the guy.  Until tonight.

My brother is 18 months younger than I am.  As far as friends go, this was an interesting time span.  He got the advantage of hanging out with the “cool kids” in the older grade, and I got the advantage of dominating the kids in his class.  It was win/win.

And there’s always a younger kid seeking entree into the upper classes.  Enter Robbie.  Or “Rogo.”  When my brother had a birthday, Rogo was the kid who would pick up a whole banana, unpeeled, and smash it against his forehead.  It was a damn riot.  Because it was just stupid, and spontaneous.  But that was pretty much all Rogo had to offer.  After he wiped the banana off his head, he was the same old dumbshit he’d always been.

I picture Kevin Smith this way.  He’s blunt and mildly creative and willing to say things that Hollywood execs just aren’t used to hearing.  But he’s a birthday gag.  He tells a good story, but really, we’ve all known good story tellers.  Hell, Rogo was a better story teller than Kevin Smith will ever be.